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t The Law Offices of, we do exactly as our name suggests: We help give clients a Free Bankruptcy Evaluation in life, free of the pressure and stress of debt. Our firm is based in Southfield, MI; however, our clients come from all over the state of Michigan. We have dedicated our careers toward helping fellow Michiganders overcome the debilitating Michigan economy and begin moving forward in their lives. Please allow us to assist you toward your own debt-free future.

In 2007, Michigan was labeled with having the worst unemployment rate in the nation. While that statistic is rather depressing in and of itself, and you may already be a victim, it does not mean that there is no hope as far as personal financial futures go. The attorneys at The Law Offices of are prepared to show you that hope still exists and provide viable answers to even the bleakest of situations. In fact, a simple call can promptly stop debt-collectors from hassling you day after day.

But the choice is yours. You have to decide to put all the credit and debt burdens behind you and make a fresh start. This site will assist you in finding a Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney who will set you on the path to debt-free success.

We can help you with consuming credit card debt, tenacious collection agencies, threats of lawsuits and other embarrassing issues that only add to an already stressed and exhausting situation. With everyone beating down your door to take your money, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone in your corner? The Law Offices of attorneys want to fight for you! Let us help you.

Of course we understand that filing bankruptcy is a major decision. That is why The Law Offices of wishes to educate you about the benefits of filing bankruptcy and hopefully dispel any misconceptions that banking institutions and credit counseling agencies would like you to believe. We promise honesty and loyalty to each of our clients. If we can stop foreclosure and wage garnishments, and we can, isn’t that worth the initial call?

Please feel free to browse our comprehensive bankruptcy website. If you are considering filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, both links are full of valuable information. All the Michigan personal bankruptcy information is available to you and provided by experienced Michigan bankruptcy attorneys.


Our Michigan Bankruptcy Lawyers serve not just Detroit, but all of Michigan.


Bankruptcy proceedings instituted under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code provide a “fresh start” for the debtor. When filing under Chapter 7, the debtor seeks to have each debt forgiven. In certain cases where debts represent items purchased on credit, for which the seller has retained a security interest, the court may require those items to be surrendered to the seller in exchange for the debt being forgiven. Once the court has determined that a debtor has fairly presented his or her financial situation, a discharge order will be signed granting the relief requested-forgiveness of each debt listed.

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Some individuals may find that while their debts are indeed overwhelming, they still have a strong enough cash flow to continue making decreased payments to their creditors. Under this structure, the debtor prepares a plan with his or her attorney which takes into account all sources of income and estimated living expenses. The income that remains after living expenses are satisfied is then divided up among the creditors in a “plan” that must then be approved by them.
BANKRUPTCY is one of several options.